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New Students: Hello and Welcome!


I’m so thrilled that you (or your child) have taken an interest in the flute!


Whether this is a first-ever music lesson or you're continuing a long journey with the flute, here is some useful information to help you get started:​


  • Private lessons are the most time-efficient way to develop musically. The one-on-one mentorship also provides a safe environment to experiment with musical ideas and techniques while exploring new performance opportunities.

  • My teaching philosophy is that every musician can benefit from private lessons — and that every musician should have to opportunity to pursue the benefits afforded by a personalized, one-on-one relationship with a patient, experienced teacher. My offering to you is a tailored, individual experience that will prioritize healthy student growth through music.

  • I strongly encourage all of my students to participate in studio recitals! This is a great chance to perform with and in front of peers, which builds confidence and deepens musical growth.

  • Private lessons are founded on mutual respect between student and instructor. My studio policy outlines the expectations for communication, scheduling, and payment. Please review the policy before arriving for your first lesson.

Student and Parent Testimonials

"Frannie Brodeur has our highest recommendation. Frannie has been teaching our son since he was 7 and thanks to her expert guidance he is, at 15 preparing to audition for Julliard in a few years. Frannie understands how to work with children and teens: our son always feels encouraged not squashed, respected and appreciated rather than criticized. After 8 years, he still looks forward eagerly to his lessons. Frannie is unfailingly sensitive, patient, and humorous, and it's very clear she enjoys kids. Frannie is also a remarkable flutist and our son aspires to her gorgeous sound."



"Our son is now 9, has been studying with Frannie for almost a year now, and I cannot believe how much he has grown and improved in such a short amount of time. Frannie inspires him to play his very best; he works hard to emulate her gorgeous tone. He absolutely loves his weekly lessons he looks forward to her student recitals, and he is motivated to practice every day."


"Frannie has been great teaching my 7 year old daughter Flute. Lessons are relaxed and my daughter always leaves motivated to play. I would highly recommend her to anyone starting out."


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