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Testimonials from Students and Parents

"Frances was my son's musical mentor. Her patience, generosity, amazing technique, knowledge, and inspiring personality all helped make him the musician he is today.

She has a tone that is extraordinary that she passed on to my son. As his private teacher from ages 5-16, she was instrumental in helping him become a professional musician and performer."


Willow and Me '22 Recital_edited_edited.jpg

"Frannie is a great teacher. My daughter fell in love with flute thanks to Frannie. Her lessons are very productive.  She knows her students’ abilities and leads them to the next level. I would recommend Frannie to anybody."


"Frannie Brodeur has our highest recommendation. Frannie has been teaching our son since he was 7 and thanks to her expert guidance he is, at 15, preparing to audition for Julliard in a few years. Frannie understands how to work with children and teens: our son always feels encouraged not squashed, respected and appreciated rather than criticized. After 8 years, he still looks forward eagerly to his lessons. Frannie is unfailingly sensitive, patient, and humorous, and it's very clear she enjoys kids. Frannie is also a remarkable flutist and our son aspires to her gorgeous sound. As a professional musician, Frannie is able to meet students at whatever their skill level."




Adam (age 9)

Adam and Me '22 Recital_edited.jpg

"Our son attended a neighborhood concert and was struck with the idea that he'd like to learn flute. We knew absolutely nothing about flutes at that time, but we consider ourselves so, so fortunate that Frannie came to us by recommendation.

Frannie is fun and has a great sense of humor. She is endlessly patient and relaxed but also firm when she needs to be. She always keeps the music interesting for him - for example, after a period of working hard on the pieces in the Suzuki Method repertoire, she encourages him to mix it up and play some things just for fun, like the popular themes to Star Wars and Harry Potter. 

Our son is now 9, has been studying with Frannie for almost a year now, and I cannot believe how much he has grown and improved in such a short amount of time. Frannie inspires him to play his very best; he works hard to emulate her gorgeous tone. He absolutely loves his weekly lessons he looks forward to her student recitals, and he is motivated to practice every day. 

It is a beautiful thing to watch your child fall in love with making music, and we credit this to Frannie. She has our highest recommendation."

Adam's mom, Crystal

Update 2022: Adam is now 15, and still thriving in his lessons!

Adam (age 15) and Frannie

"Frannie has been great teaching my 7 year old daughter Flute. Lessons are relaxed and my daughter always leaves motivated to play. I like that she teaches in part with the Suzuki Method as well as with standard reading practices. I would highly recommend her to anyone starting out."


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"My daughter Coco studied with Frances for a number of years. Without question Frances was the best music teacher Coco ever had, and she's had quite a few. Frances is generous, creative, and inspiring to work with, she has the perfect balance of qualities that a music student needs. She's highly motivating and makes demands of her students which stretch them to achieve their full potential, yet she never pushes past their limits; Coco never felt stressed by her practice but always wanted to fulfill the expectation of excellence which Frances instilled in her. Frances always led by example and was kind, supportive, and a lot of fun to work with. She's also disciplined, reliable, and punctual. I give her the highest recommendation."


"I was looking for a teacher to learn how to play the flute. I wanted an expert that could put me on track and motivate me to keep doing better. Encouraging me along the way with pointed advice. If you are looking for a terrific flute teacher, you found one."


"Frannie Brodeur taught my daughter to play the flute, read music, join in chamber groups, enjoy band and orchestra opportunities and sail through auditions from third grade through freshman year in college. Her dedication to teaching is huge as is her kindness and thoroughness as a teacher. She is a treasure!"


"I took lessons with Frannie for more than ten years, starting at age 4 in an Introduction to Music class at the Brooklyn Music School. Through her, I found not just a great love for music but a lens through which I discovered and learned about the world. With Frannie, once a week for nearly my entire childhood, I would learn to practice and work at a piece or phrase, or to interpret and have an opinion on music I played, or to play like I mean every note, and so on endlessly. Those skills were some of the earliest and most important lessons I had about how to live and enjoy my life, and art and how to work hard, and care about what I do for my own sake and no one else's. And, I don't believe just any teacher could have done that for me. Since moving on, I have often felt a different excitement and deep understanding of music than many of my peers I met who have spent far more time than me studying music.

I am still a musician. I graduated recently from Bard College with a degree in music and have since played onstage in a very successful Off-Broadway Musical. I've played in many orchestras including with graduate & conservatory students at Bard, with the New York Youth Symphony Orchestra, and at La Guardia High School (formerly Music & Art). I have moved on to other instruments, and forms of music, but I credit Frances for not just showing me how much I love music but for teaching me in many ways how to enjoy and get what I want from life. I can't recommend her enough."


"She is the best teacher that you want your child to have, living, supportive, encouraging, but also having high standards and expecting you to work for it! We could not have asked for more and we love her!"


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